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Steven Rindner: A Bio Lesson on DNA Breakthrough

Scientists and researchers have studied the human body for centuries to understand diseases better, how they are formed, and what treatments can be developed. The consensus is that for most of the research, illnesses should be understood at a basic level. This means that biologists and health practitioners need to see how viruses form on a DNA level, according to
Steven Rindner, bio student.

A new development will greatly aid in this cause. Recent research has created the first 3D structures of active DNA in mammals from individual cells. The model shows how DNA from all the chromosomes fits together inside the cell nuclei. The use of the model is still being reviewed, although initial suggestions point to more healthcare applications.

Bio major Steven Rindner explains that a combination of advanced computer imaging and more than 100,000 measurements of the smallest gaps between different parts of the DNA was used to develop a mouse embryonic stem cell genome.

Stem cells are key cells because they can develop into nearly any other kind of cell. This groundbreaking approach allowed researchers to see active chromosomes’ motion and structures inside the cell.

Steven Rindner, bio student, says that with diseases, it is often a case of specific regions in the DNA that are turned “on” or “off.” In fact, a single faulty combination can lead to highly challenging complications. With these new models, health practitioners can see just how active DNA separates.

The data acquired can naturally be applied to the medical field as well, where manufacturers can develop a medicine that can address sicknesses better. In addition, there are discussions on manipulating genes on a molecular level during gestation to prevent the onset of disease.

Steven Rindner further adds that even if more research is necessary, this proves to be a positive advancement for the biology industry.

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Steven Rindner Bio

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